Reformer Pilates

New classes are added weekly and featured in the top strips of your workout pages. Below them will be a playlist of your Favourite  previous workouts that have been Featured previously. 

Featured work out 

1. Reformer  Pilates - Reformer needed 

This week's reformer class is broken up into two parts- upper body and lower body this video is your lower body and abdominal workout.

Majority the class was on a lighter spring really challenging are stabilisation muscles which also challenges our core and we are aware of our posture 

Featured workout 

2.Reformer Pilates - Reformer needed 

In the second feature video for reformer Pilates we focus on upper body exercises along with Call work and concentrating on technique.


This video is shot in two different angles  (above and horizontal) Shooting these different planes allows views a better understanding on how Exercises are Preformed.