Dynamic Mat Pilates

New classes are added weekly and featured in the top strips of your workout pages. Below them will be a playlist of your Favourite  previous workouts that have been Featured previously. 

Featured work out 

2.Dynmaic Mat Pilates - No equipment needed 

One of this week's new classes Mat Dynamic Pilates  and if filmed from the One Heart OnlinePlatform.i


This class focuses on strengthening stability Muscles around the gluts and hips. 

YOUR ARMS WILL BURN!!!! My triceps were killing me after this mat class

Featured work out 

1.Dynmaic Mat Pilates - No equipment needed 

Focusing a lot on oblique's and stability workWhile in supine position.  This class is fantastic for mobilisation as well as Strengthening and toining.


When it comes to doing the lunges Add in the dynamic element your feel this shake your feel your muscles band and you will achieve results